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The drying time of Super Extra glue is 3-6 seconds. Super Extra Glue is a product made from liquid raw material. It can be used for eyelash extensions without deformation of glue even under unstable temperature and humidity conditions.Therefore, it can be used in summer, high temperature and high humidity areas, and it is suitable for beginners who are slow in the procedure.


  • Content: 10 g 
  • Made in: Korea 
  • Viscosity: Low(watery)
  • Flash point: Intermediate temperature 
  • Maximum service temperature: 20~25 C
  • Optimal storage temperature: 5~10 C
  • Maximum service humidity: 50~70%
  • Optimal storage humidity: 20~40%
  • Drying time: 3~6 seconds
  • Complete drying time: 10 hrs
  • Retention period: 2~4 weeks(approx /It depends on the clients skin condition and weather conditions)
  • Ideal for: All type of eyelash extension-volume eyelash extension, 3D,4D,5D eyelash extensions, classic eyelash extension
  • Use period:
  1. Summer(28~38 C) Opened lid: 6~10 weeks
  2. Winter(-5~10 C) Opened lid: 10~16 weeks
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