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MI EYELASHES foundation of trust and respect to supply eyelash extension technician.

Welcome to MI EYELASHES.

MI EYELASHES supplies eyelash extension products of Australia. Our stores based on city of Sydney(CBD)
Pursuing natural beauty, MI EYELASHES professionally imports and sells all the eyelash items related to eyelash care.
Founded in 2010, MI EYELASHES although a young company, follows its philosophy of the best product, safe product and reasonable.
MI EYELASHES provides a range of professional eyelash extension products of eyelash extension technicians.
And we understand the importance of the eyelash designs in meeting your clients expectations and satisfaction.
We manufacture and distribute our own range of the eyelashes and OEM glues to offer the best in product quality and service standards to the beauty industry.
So eyelash product of MI EYELASHES were selectively imported only when they were tested for several months and received KC, or Korea Certification, and we make our utmost effort to provide customers with products with high quality.
Our eyelash manufacturing plant is in Vietnam and the yarn used in the production of eyelashes are Korean-made yarn. We also sell OEM glues made in Korea.
MI EYELASHES want to support our clients business and MI EYELASHES wanna be honest with every one!

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee